CM|XS BackOffice
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Get full control of your back office activities with countless features designed ad hoc to optimize any process during the entire tendering phase.
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CM|XS BackOffice

Manage the tender process at 360°

CM|XS BackOffice helps companies to efficiently manages all stages of the tendering process with advanced workflows and functionalities.

Doc. Management

Collecting all the supporting documentation: regional, purchasing group, multi-year and extendibility

Strategic Prizing

Buy one get one free
Simulation and profitability
Price control engine,
Price overlap
Check inclusion & exclusion kit
Multiple & yearly pricelists

Reduce Response Time

Generate economic offer
Manage administrative documentation
Automatically print technical documentation
List and samples and print labels

Simulate Scenarios

Alternative products
Bank guarantees
Deposits hierarchical
Managed fields
Ministerial product codes

Competitive Analysis

Collect competition pricing
Quality/Price Scoring
Awarding to specific group members

Post Awarding

Extensions and Improvements
Product flanking and substitution
Ministerial update products/pricelist

Data Protection FBK

Enterprise-grade data protection

Trust FBK to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements. Information segregation and management in conformity with the Company SOD/SOX policy.

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CM|XS Suite

CM|XS BackOffice gives you everything you need to manage your back office activities in one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with the CM|XS Suite of products.

CM|XS DataMart

CM|XS Mobile

CM|XS Reporting

CM|XS Operational Intelligence


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