CM|XS Reporting
The essential cornerstone

Generate reports in a quick and simple way tracking the Company’s business bid & tender activities.
Fast | Ease of Use | Customizable

CM|XS BackOffice

Bring real benefit to your company

Designed to address the needs for any kind of reports, at any different level, allow Customers to generate reports in a quick and simple way tracking the Company’s business tender & offer activities.

SOD Solution

Complete configurable with different functions for each user


Provides standard and customized reports grouped by type

Data Export

In various formats and in any context, with multi selection filters available

Fast Integration

Of new reports without changing the application infrastructure

Extreme Useful

Significantly improves the effectiveness of the comparable information provided


Guaranteed by network protocols

Data Protection FBK

Enterprise-grade data protection

Trust FBK to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements. Information segregation and management in conformity with the Company SOD/SOX policy.

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CM|XS Suite

CM|XS Reporting gives you everything you need to create and manage reports in one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with the CM|XS Suite of products.

CM|XS BackOffice

CM|XS DataMart

CM|XS Mobile

CM|XS Operational Intelligence


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