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Monitor your tender life cycle in real-time and use advanced analytical tools to gain insights in order to have an advantage over your competitors.
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CM|XS Mobile

Increase your profitability

With the adoption of CM|XS Mobile component you will get the “State of Art” Configure Price Quote in BackOffice & Tender Management. CM|XS Mobile allow users to check the pricing applied to a client accurately and always “up-to-date”, managing competition data punctually, supervising the approval process in accordance with the Company policy.

Doc. at Your Fingertips

Easy consulting functionality to retrieve tender document
Summary list of the offers and tenders and their relevant status

One Repository

Direct access back office offer and data Collection and management of competitors’ data

Total Control

Direct control by Sales Reps of their activities related to Offers and Tenders Advanced communications capabilities, such as Mail, Memo, Task

Data Analysis

Advanced instruments to perform sales
Dedicated dashboards and KPI to improve Company strategies

Integrated Workflow

Offer and tender approval cycle always under control in real time
Company pricing policy and sales structure

24/7 Pull Contents

Sales Reps independence in retrieving offers and tenders information

Data Protection FBK

Enterprise-grade data protection

Trust FBK to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements. Information segregation and management in conformity with the Company SOD/SOX policy.

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CM|XS Suite

CM|XS Mobile gives you everything you need to boost your sales and drive revenue in one place. But there’s more to the story. Take a look at what else you can do with the CM|XS Suite of products.

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