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When compared to any other commercial process, the participating in a tender is one of the most intricate and unique.

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Tender Management Platform

What is a Tender Management Platform?

A Tender Management platform ensures that your entire team works predictably as one system — you can manage the entire procurement process, from A to Z, in a simpler, faster and more efficient way.

Make every member of your team exponentially more effective

Tender Office

Sales Reps

Pricing & Analytics

Customer Service


We’re the perfect partner for your existing tools

Uplevel your team’s productivity — without the tech headaches.

Speed up process

Create a fluid workflow with automated processes tailored to your specif needs.

Close more deals

Focus exclusively on the most profitable tenders and distribute strategically your supply capacity.

Measure what matters

Is your team setting the right price? Are they right to participate in that tender? Automatically get the insights you need.

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